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Thoughts & Stories about life

  • That’s a wrap on 2019

    I didn’t think I’d have the energy to come up with a 2019 Reflection post since I couldn’t seem to find the meaningful words for my 34th Birthday, but the words finally started to knock on my brain door conveniently while I was busy trying......

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  • 1 year of Living Solo

    It’s pretty insane how fast a year goes by. It’s been a year of highs, some pretty low lows, and a shitload of self-reflection. It’s been a year of overspending on home decor, learning how to only buy the food I need and eat it......

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  • The Studio

    Me when I was apartment hunting for the first time about 5 years ago – “I’m never getting a studio. Who would want to live like that?” Me when I started searching for apartments earlier this year – “Ew no studios please and thank you.......

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  • Graduation Day

    I always feel super nostalgic on May 22nd, especially when I get to spend the day celebrating another friend’s graduation. I grabbed my seat today at Nassau Community College to watch my birthday girl Jackie Bryan graduate and I thought, “I should have worn sunscreen”......

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  • The New !

    I’m so proud to finally share this new website with the world. This is not however, just a website. As a web designer and general internet user in 2015, I know that websites have a variety of purposes. People can share their thoughts, music, and......

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  • Tales of a Modern Day Unicorn

    In June of 2015, my good friend and overall amazing human being Ashley and I started a fun photo project. We were both in somewhat of a creative rut and were looking to light our fires again with something new, interesting, and completely weird. The unicorn......

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  • 29 – A Year in Reflection

    It’s the end of 2014, and I’ve officially been on this earth for 29 years. I was told that 28 would be the best year of my twenties, and in a crazy way it might end up being true. 28 started out pretty low. Like,......

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  • Growing Up

    So, it’s officially been 3 months since I packed up and moved out of Mom and Dad’s house. Time is flying faster than ever, and I’m way past the point of being able to use “the move” as an excuse for not doing things and......

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