Hi! I’m Liz Degen.

I am a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Photographer, Illustrator, Drummer, and Socializer from Long Island, New York.


*Speak in third person as if a professional writer was hired to write biography*

Liz grew up on Long Island where she attended Seaford High School and packed in as many art classes as possible including AP Art. Her fate was decided as she was accepted into The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City majoring in Illustration. Although drawing and painting was initially her focus, digital art became more comfortable and exciting. By Senior year, Liz had found a niche in blending her drawings with Photoshop and creating mixed media pieces with endless possibilities. Since graduation in 2007, Liz has worked for numerous companies from record labels to agencies as a freelance and in-house Graphic Designer. Web Design and Photography are currently her biggest passions, and she hopes to continue using both skills wherever she goes. Now residing in Long Beach, NY, Liz is ready to conquer the world with her artistic skills and child-sized cruiser bike. Every day is a new journey and learning experience.

Things I like:

If you look closely, you can find happiness in every day.

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