Tales of a Modern Day Unicorn


In June of 2015, my good friend and overall amazing human being Ashley and I started a fun photo project. We were both in somewhat of a creative rut and were looking to light our fires again with something new, interesting, and completely weird. The unicorn saga began as an idea for a funny single image, then of course turned into so much more. Ashley and I get together on a weekly basis to come up with new concepts, go on magical adventures with our Unicorn, and take little breaks from the insanity life continues to throw at us. ( We make sure to include delicious food in most of our rendezvous…)

icecream1 pizza2 donuts2
ice creamcornpic

As we continued to post more images and share links with our personal networks, we got a ton of feedback from our friends and family. Most people loved the idea and thought that it was “SO COOL! SO FUN!”


…And then a few people straight up just did not get it, and were like..


Either way, we were thrilled with the idea of creating something fun, putting out consistent content, and calling it our own. (Even if it makes absolutely no sense, and makes us absolutely no money. Just #unfliltered joy.)

I mean, Who doesn’t like Unicorns!? Follow us to make your Mondays a little more magical 🙂



Here are some of our faves..




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