New Phone New Existential Crisis

Hello from the iPhone 13 Pro! 👋🏻 I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of scared of how good this camera is. It’s insane to experience all of the advancements I’ve been missing out on for all of these years, plus more. (While I held on to my cracked and dying 8 Plus, telling it “I’ll never let you go”)

These photos are no longer just “phone pics.” Am I afraid that these new phones have already replaced the need for professional photographers in a ton of industries? Uhhhhhh yeah. 😳 Do I think that phone cameras will completely replace DSLRs and photographers altogether? I don’t think so. Not yet at least. This is an amazing tool, a little too amazing at times. I’ve used my phone camera professionally and it still feels weird, although it shouldn’t. It’s the ultimate travel camera, the perfect content creator on a budget, and it makes phone calls too!

What can’t be replaced however is the time spent learning and building skills within a professional craft. Anyone can be an artist and everyone deserves the chance to practice a new form of art. On a professional level though, I truly believe that passion shows through in our work.

I just hope that all of my fellow creatives who either began learning their craft before smartphones or even those who are learning now can still be valued for their expertise in a new world of instant gratification, faster advancement, and weird expectations. That sentence was very long but was extremely necessary. Whether you’re using your phone camera, a DSLR, or film, it’s all art and it should be celebrated.

Have a Happy Monday and a rad week ahead. What are your thoughts on this newest wave of tech?

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