The Studio

Me when I was apartment hunting for the first time about 5 years ago – “I’m never getting a studio. Who would want to live like that?”

Me when I started searching for apartments earlier this year – “Ew no studios please and thank you. They’re weird. Only 1 bedrooms. Where would I even put all of my things?!”

Me today – Officially got the key to my very own studio apartment. 🙂 Tomorrow is moving day and I couldn’t be more excited!! And nervous and stressed out and terrified and completely overwhelmed, but hey – PMA, right!?!?! September has been quite the month. (Wake me up tomorrow please, Green Day) I will miss Jessica and the Washington Beach House with all of my heart, but I can’t wait to finally get settled in and begin part 2 of the Long Beach Liz saga. (Did I mention I’m moving an entire BLOCK away?)

Up until now I relied on the universe to guide me in the right direction. Every job, every apartment, it all seemed to work it’s self out in the most perfect way at the perfect time because of a friend or someone I knew. Whether it was mercury retrograde, bad luck, or just plain reality, this apartment search kickstarted a series of ridiculous and totally freaky incidents with a side of waiting and horrible anxiety. When I finally got the text that I had been approved for the apartment (mostly because of my fabulous credit score; thanks mom 😉 Gail Degen raised me right!) I suddenly realized that the universe doesn’t always talk to you when you need it to, and I’m not always going to know a guy who knows a guy. I (sort of) knew what I wanted and I did it all by myself. GO ME!! Just in case though, I might try and work around mercury next time. Maybe.

Cheers to my new little apartment (more updates soon!), cheers to not wearing pants in said apartment, and cheers to turning my adult level up a few notches. Thank you to everyone who’s been there for me, supported me, and had to listen to literally every detail of this entire journey. I love you all <3

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