Return of the LDP Portfolio Instagram

@lizdegenphoto is back in action!

@lizdegen will still be my main personal account for iPhone photos of scenes that catch my eye, occasional ramblings, recent updates and news, sunsets, design, mindless meme stories, food, dogs, and some professional photography.

@lizdegenphoto is my professional curated IG portfolio; a space where I’ll regularly alternate between portrait, and landscape posts (plus some pets and food along the way.) It took me 3 years to recommit to the layout strategy I originally came up with, but I think I’m okay with my ridiculously long hiatus. I often get caught up in waiting for the “right time” to start a project, or relying on a moment where everything in my life is perfectly aligned. (lol) 🪐

The last 3 years have quite honestly been a total 💩 show, and I’ve even started to find inspiration and beauty in the consistently imperfect misalignment of my world. Sometimes just getting started and creating something; big or small; epic or meaningless, is actually what restores the balance. The comical irony of me choosing now to start this up again is that the last few weeks have been intensely challenging and emotional for me. Either there is no right time, or any time is the right one.

I don’t actually expect anyone to care about my O.C.D.-driven-way-over-thought strategy for maintaining 2 instagram accounts, but here it is. Thanks for sticking with me, and give @lizdegenphoto a follow if you’d like! 💜📸

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