Growing Up

So, it’s officially been 3 months since I packed up and moved out of Mom and Dad’s house. Time is flying faster than ever, and I’m way past the point of being able to use “the move” as an excuse for not doing things and unintentionally avoiding people.

I’ve learned an unimaginable amount of valuable life lessons while living in Queens:

  • Trader Joe’s = Disneyland.
  • Buying vegetables is a serious commitment.
  • Washing dishes is practically an unpaid part-time job.
  • Almond milk > Regular Milk.
  • Justin Bieber works at the local Deli on Sundays.

no seriously…


  • Cooking for one is absurd.
  • Free parking lots should never be taken for granted.
  • No one is going to wake you up if you oversleep.
  • Paying rent feels like dropping your hard earned monthly income over a 5,000 ft. cliff into a fiery pit of lava inhabited by dragons.
  • Your non-English speaking neighbors don’t want to talk to you, and they already know the dog they are walking is cute.
  • Hanging out in Brooklyn / Manhattan for a night is no longer a journey to middle earth.
  • LIRR who?
  • Property Brothers are the new Olsen twins.
  • is my best friend.
  • Your Long Island friends are not coming to visit. Get over it.
  • I am slowly becoming my mother.
  • Almost every day I have an epiphany followed by the distant memory of the words “You’ll understand someday” mostly in my mom’s voice, but sometime’s Morgan Freeman’s (For a more dramatic effect).

My most guilty pleasure since I moved out has been decorating my room. It took about a month and half to stop compulsively buying crap that I didn’t need, but it was all so worth it. For the simple purpose of reliving the excitement, here’s some of my progress. Enjoy! or don’t.


December 1, 2012 – Day 1

First stop – put together bed



December 2, 2012 – Day 2

Now…everything else.



December 3, 2012 – Day 3

Painting done, furniture is built, bookshelf and coatrack in place. Moving along.



December 6, 2012 – Day 6

Almost there…



December 9, 2012 – Day 9

Finally got around to hanging up my paper lantern, and premiered my new curtains.



January 2013

Hung up the lovely canvases Jon Degen got me for my birthday,
and got a badass new throw blanket from


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