Nail Art Imitating Life

Tried out some new funky nail art techniques this morning and I’m kind of excited about it! 💅🏻 🙌🏻 *self-five*

Sometimes I get bummed thinking about how I’ve completely abandoned traditional art. It’s usually the overthinking and overwhelming perfectionism that gets me, (on top of not really making as much time for it…and lacking the space) and overall it just gets pushed to the side since it’s not really part of my job anymore.

I always do my own nails aside from the occasional manicure for an event, but 2020 kind of popped that balloon 🎈. #lolevents. The typical routine usually involves one color for all nails and some sort of sparkly color for the “accent” nail. (That trend may have ended 10 years ago and I would have no clue.) It’s pretty basic but easy enough to finish pretty quickly. This morning I got an unexpected burst of motivation and decided to go to town with 3 different colors. I painted a base layer with alternating colors, created some improvised shapes, then used an old non-functional pen dipped into the polish to make cute little dots. I probably should have thrown that pen out years ago instead of hoarding it, but I’m glad I could repurpose it.

Only after the top coat was dry and I was preparing to do a full-blown photoshoot of my hand, had I realized I was making art. I had removed the association with work from painting somehow and spontaneously created some badass and perfectly flawed art (paired with my awful over-picked cuticles) without overthinking the consequences of making mistakes. How could I have forgotten that not all canvases are literal canvases? Life is crazy and brains are weird.

The End.

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