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‘I’m Screaming’ Podcast Cover and Logo Design

There’s no question that @themegbrady and @gisele_milan were born to podcast. About a month into the dreaded 2020(+) pandemic, I was feeling defeated. Morale was low and design projects had become sparse. When Meg contacted me about designing a cover for her new podcast, I was absolutely overjoyed. I couldn’t wait to finally work with these amazing ladies who were equally excited about the project and ready to share their pop culture thoughts with the world. We exchanged ideas over a quick call and started brainstorming. After nailing down a creative direction for photography, we had to come up with an effective remote solution that could accommodate our new and unexpected socially distant circumstances. With a few phone calls and emails, I was able to direct Meg and Gisele through their separate photo shoots, all while quarantining in three separate locations. They absolutely crushed it; making the perfect faces, using the best angles, and excellent lighting. The rest is Photoshop history!

Logo Design & Social Media Thumbnails

5-Star Weekly Listening

I had so much fun working with the two hosts, and I shamelessly “scream” with them every week during each episode. Not only do I get to see the awesome artwork every time I open up my podcast app, but I can keep myself up to date with all pop culture news (which is extremely important for me as a somewhat disconnected elder millennial.) Listen using the links below: